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Name: Ta'Ancorina

Sex: Female

Race: Avarial

Religion: Follow of Cha'reth

Birthplace: Le'Or

Healer of Cha'reth

Residence: Elysia

History: Corina was born in Le'Or to loving parents who taught her the history of her people and of Cha'reth's involvement in removing the curse which had plagued their people. Being one who always helped others from an early age she was deeply drawn to the teachings and philosophy of Cha'reth. On her first visit to Elysia she met Sister Da'emona and the two of them sat by the Life Stone for many hours discussing their Lord. In the years since their first meeting Corina has grown from a young priestess who merely followed Cha'reth into one of HIS healers helping others in HIS name. Corina can usually be found in Le'Or, Elysia, or the T'Nanshi wilderness helping others and handing out healing supplies to those who need them.