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Shiloh Ven, Portrait by Phaere

Name: Shiloh Ven

Race: Halfling
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Player: Cephid

Height: 4’ 0"
Weight: ~70lbs
Eyes: Rusty Brown
Hair: Very Dark Brown to Black

Birthplace: Hunting Creeks, Ferrell
Current Residence: Kitanya Hill, Ferrell and Elysia

Affiliations and Titles

Hopeful to the AAAA

  • Custom Avatar Just extract into portraits folder and overwrite or rename the original tga's. Note this will replace the original femchipret_x files so backup first.

About Shiloh: Shiloh is outwardly a happy and talkative Halfling woman who is fairly tall for her race. She is the only child of Braanic and Tahlia Ven and was raised near the Hunting Creeks of Ferrell. An open Angadarian, Shiloh often surprises people who expect her to be dark and deceptive. Despite her seemingly light hearted nature, those that know Shiloh for long know that there is much more to this young woman. She harbors an inner, something, that drives her at times to anger for seemingly small things. She drifts between attitudes of light hearted jest to calculating cold seriousness, often accompanied by a change in her method of speech and seeming knowledge of things. This has led some to believe that she is in fact slightly insane. She is fiercely loyal to the Church of Angadar and will openly side with church members in nearly any instance. She can most often be found at Elf Gate in Elysia.