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Age: Estimated at late 120s to early 130s

Gender: Male

Race: Avlissian Elf

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Class: Fighter/Bard


Current Residence: Kuras

A mercenary sellsword, Zaviel has suffered through several strings of what he chalks up as "bad luck", losing company after company in a series of bandit ambushes while working throughout northern Brekon and the Seven Cities. While he attributes his losses to misfortune, other mercenaries who have worked with him in the past are more liklely to consider his arrogance as the reason for his downfall. Possessing some considerable skill in speech, oratory,and penmanship, he evidences possible ties to nobility in the past, though he is bit of a cynic about nobility in general. This, combined with his relatively average swordsmanship though have given others cause to joke of him that his tongue cuts deeper than his sword.

He's since made his way north to the Kurathene Empire, drawn by rumours of marshaling armies and increasing political tensions - prime opportunity for a freelancer. With rising tensions in the Empire, he has set up a structure for mercenaries drawn to the rising chaos in the form of the Kurathene Freelancer's Guild, within which he has once more set up his own personal mercenary group, The Company of the Coin.

The pen is mightier than the sword, they say, and this applies quite aptly to Zaviel. His skills lie beyond what he refers to as 'common' swordsmanship, and often prefers an indirect, preferably a diplomatic, means to approaching a problem. That being said, he is not completely unskilled in combat, and wields a variety of weapons in combat as the situation dictates. He is a quintessential jack of all trades, but master of none.