Ramiz songs

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By Rali'vinee

“R Words”

Rali Ramiz Rats RAWR!

Rain, rest, rust, robust!

Rali Ramiz kiss

Ramiz neh Verca

Ramiz neh Caurea

Diolalle Sugar

Ramiz Lam-Tyave Sugar

Toooooo Fast!

Ramiz’ robes were thrown off a mountain

By a little bear

But that bear ran off because Ramiz

Couldn’t catch it!

Because he was. . . .

Too slow!


In-vis-i-ble . . . neh kiss Rali knee

In-vis-i-ble . . . Neh protect . . . neh whisper . . . neh gift, life, lift.

Let down, let sad, neh gift, life, lift.

In-vis-i-ble . . . neh verca, neh caurea, neh tyave sugar.

In-vis-i-ble . . . neh see, neh hear, neh learn, neh more.