Safe travels

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Now let us make our way together
And what'cha think about the weather?
Ain't the dancing pixies pretty?
No, I'm not trying to be witty,
I'm merely trying to converse,
To make your eyes light up, you burst
Preferably with laughter.

For the sun is but a lantern
And I lost track of the moon.
You're more pretty and you beaming
is more warming than the noon.
The birds, their plumage may be fair
It can't stand up to your own hair.

The fairest hair, the sparklest eyes,
The fullest lips, the palest thighs,
All those are thine oh maiden mine.

Our road is winding to an end.
I wish I'd said all this and more,
instead of just "safe travels".
Oh how I wish, but no, but no,
"safe travels" stayed "safe travels".

by Frulamin Hawklight