Shaarda Sand Lizard

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Commonly native to Toran Sharda, this Shaada Sand Lizard (aka Sandwyrm) appears to have migrated south to M'Chek, in search of unclaimed territory. Wemic shown for scale.


Creature Name: Shaarda Sand Lizard

Observations by: Yantri

Creature Type: Beast

Creature Subtype: Reptile

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


Standing an easy 50 to 60 feet tall, with a wingspan almost twice that. It's hide is covered nose to tail in green, tarnished-brass looking scales much prized by tailors and alchemists for it's resistant properties. Despite it's enormous size and near 6 ton weight, the Shaada Sand Lizard is a swift runner. The head is nearly 5 feet long, and the teeth range from 3 to 6 inches in length. With forward paws as big as a full grown mans' chest and claws as long as an arm, the creatures primary means of attack are physical force.

Mostly neck and tail, the Sand Lizard bears a striking resemblance to a dragon, even possessed of a specialized toxic and acidic gas spray from the mouth! However, these creatures completely lack the superior intelligence and magical aura common to the Dragon species. Yet this highly aggressive and ravenous creature is truly fearsome in it's own right and is utterly resistant to even those most powerful magics meant to sway the mind.

Feeding Habits

The Shaada Sand Lizard will eat just about anything it can sink it's teeth into. Surprisingly, the creature is very close to an ambush predator, never ranging far from it's own territory for a meal. It's keen senses allow the Sand Lizard to sense any prey in it's vicinity - even those cloaked by magic and shadows. When on the prowl for food, they will glide effortlessly along on the thermal updrafts of the plains and deserts; swooping in to ravage prey that catches it's eye. Perhaps because of it's history being domesticated by the Dracon of Toran Sharda, the Sand Lizard generally gives all signs of civilization a wide berth; preferring to avoid contact with civilizations.

Disposition and Social Habits

Sand Lizard Combat - Incredible size and ferocity lends this creature a natural edge against it's chosen prey... anything smaller than itself that gets too close!

On Combat:

The tactics of the Shaada Sand Lizards are pretty straight forward - Charge forward and beat anything that looks like prey into submission. With terrible bites, and claws that can rend a man open in one blow, the creature is relentless. If unlucky enough to encounter a mated pair, the chances of survival for hapless prey dwindles significantly.

The thick hide is resistant to most forms of damage; crushing, piercing and slashing are equally turned aside. Due to it's natural inclination to hot and arid climes, the creature also possesses significant resistance to fire and acid.

As if the brute force of the creature was not bad enough, it can also emit a cloud of highly toxic and corrosive gas. Victims suffer extreme fatigue if the toxin is breathed in. Skin coming in contact is dessicated and corrosive effects can be very deadly.


These large, formidable winged lizards prefer warm, arid climates. More and more are seen migrating to M'Chek from Toran Sharda since the former nation's rapid desertification over the last fifty years. It is said that the Dracon of Toran Sharda tame these lizards as flying mounts for use in war, but thus far no M'Chekian has been able to do so... Yet.


Most compatible: Brown Bear

  • A dominant predator, not adverse to sharing territory with others of it's kind, yet maintaining a very territorial nature. While not omnivorous, the Sandwyrm will eat any meat available, and is not adverse to carrion.

Other notes

Report to the M'Chekian Guard
Historical Information from Toran Shaarda
Upon training the sand lizard can still use it's toxic breath weapon and a wing buffet attack but it does grow dramatically weaker depending on the trainer's abilities.