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Devout Servant of Skern
Captain of the M'Chekian Guard, Iron Fist Division, National Defense, Law Enforcement and Intelligence Departments
Founder of the Pride of the South
Journeyman of the AAAA
Apprentice Sage of the Avlis Tower University
High Apprentice of the A.K.N.

  • Life Anew

They say the longest road you ever walk is the one that brings you back home. Laying aside his name, his titles and his preconceptions, Kai'Ral took up a name given him by his benefactor, a hermit druid of Skern named Bernard; Yantri, meaning Wisdom Walker in the tongue of the wemics of his youth. He walks this path still, content to let Ki'Ral lie in repose behind.
The past casts a long shadow, and those who seek to outrun it will find themselves lost in the dark. Instead, Yantri has chosen to face them head on. Walking tall, he will heal his own scars, and right the wrongs he has done, or he will fall gain, failing for the last time.
Journals of Kai'Ral Windspar

My Animal Companion Research