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Creature Name: Sheep

Observations by: Deider of Pelar

Creature Type: Animal ((2050))

Creature Subtype: Other

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


Sheep are hooved animals kept as livestock. They are raised for their fleece, meat, and milk.

Feeding Habits

Sheep are herbivores, grazing on grasses and other short roughage. Similar to cows, they have four stomachs for digesting their food, and chew a cud.

Disposition and Social Habits

Sheep are very social animals and flock together. Flocks tend to huddle together and will follow a leader, making them easy to herd. Being a prey animal, sheep tend to flee from predators as opposed to defending their ground. Sheep are fairly vocal, and communicate with each other among the flock by using a variety of bleats, grunts, and other sounds.


It is thought that the wild ancestor to sheep was created by the goddess Berryn specifically for halflings, the humanoid race she created, because they were native only to Ferrell. Though sheep were domesticated after horses, pigs and cows, they were so thoroughly domesticated by the hin that no wild sheep remain.


Most compatible: Dire Boar

  • Like dire boars, sheep are hooved animals. They may be distantly related, since they both bear their weight on the 3rd and 4th toes of their hooves.

Other notes

Sheep are occasionally used as pack animals and also mounts by halflings, if times are desperate enough.