Songs from Elf Gate

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By Rali'vinee

“Ogre Bed”

Ogre bed with skulzzzzz

A longer one

Little goblins bells

On an Ogre bed

And kitty cat to fuuuuussssssss


Do-gooder. Goes outta their way to spoil the fun!

A sword, a blade, a sticker . . . there’s many ways to spoil the fun!

Passable ripoffs, inadmissible, insofar with due respect!

"Jack’s song:"

Oh what a fool am I, to have climbed so high

Now I’ve gone and fell, broken my kneecap well

"Raen/Rali Duet" (inspired by Moira's lesson on colors)

Here we are as we began

Neh sad

Neh wet

Pink sunset . . .

Purple clouds . . .dusk . . . sunset.

The perrrrrrfect way to end a day.

Neh sad, neh wet, Pink sunset.

Here we are as we began

Morning in Elf Gate.