Songs from Ferrell

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By Rali'vinee

“Malinko's Song”

Doom shovel

I know not of mighty

Doom shovel

But the fury is pure

Doom shovel

"Marin's Zaps"

Shockingly easy!

Zzzzaps kill many!

Shockingly so! Shockingly so!

Marin saves the day!

"Shelly Maroon"

Shelly Maroon, Pirate!

Quakin in me boots, matey!

Take the boaty to Ferrell matey.

Pleased to see you! Come back at dusk!

Pleased to see you! Noon midnight or dawn!

Quaken in me boots!

Don’t be late either!

"The Auction"

Dav Gimme Gold!

Such a slooooow process. . . what’s the bid?

I don’t like being in debt!

I’m going to turn Owen into Owenna after this

With the swipe of a shortie!