Songs of the Rock

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By Rali'vinee

“Morgon's Friends”

They just coming out of the woodwork today

Anthony friends of mine!

Crispy, Tubby, Shhnukums, Ugly

Owing a crisping . . . Anthony gone crazy!

Shhnukums is his nickname now, Morgon now

Yowza. . . made a Pal

Anthony go crazy as Morgon laughs a lot

Anthony will feel better when Morgon’s lungs are shot!

Go to the grave laughing my friend! Dang dogs!

"Washleg-Morgon Song"

Scat! Ya make my head hurt!

I hate your guts!

Can you forgive me?

Eliminate Oppo – sition!

"Cherry Lala"

Elros to eat-ing

Kiss looovely Kate! Seee Wynn beauty.

Rali bear sweet . . . a little bit cherry.

Suki niiiiice . . . give to poooooor goooooold

Friend to you you you

Cute as a button.

Gifts. . .

Gifts to Rali, of Friends, so nice. . .

Ramiz whisper love, much mu-sic, hum-ming.

Smeec dress so beaut-y, Riggor flute to heal me,

Ramiz whisper love, much mu-sic, humming.

El-ros lute, Raen dress and boot. . .

Ramiz whisper love, mu-sic, hum-ming.

Sephira cape, Amion fish, ar-mor, friend-ship

Ramiz whisper love, much mu-sic, hum-ming.

Gifts to Rali, of Friends so nice. . .