Summon Familiar

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Summon Familiar
Systems and Tools

Type of Feat: Class

Prerequisite: Sorcerer 1, Wizard 1

Use: Selected

Specifics: A character with this feat may summon a familiar once per day. If the familiar dies, the character suffers 1d6 damage, but may summon the familiar again the following day. Familiars gain hitpoints, feats, abilities and new appearances every few levels as in the table below.

Familiars and Selectable Appearances
Base Familiar lvl11+ lvl16+ lvl21+
Bat Mouse Ferret Mink
Panther Lion White tiger Housecat
Hell Hound Blink dog Fenhound Malar panther
Imp Viper Fire ant Scorpion
Fire Mephit Fire Magma Smoke (small elemental)
Ice Mephit Ice Water Steam (small elemental)
Pixie Parrot Small satyr Lantern archon
Raven Chicken Stirge Eagle
Faerie Dragon Raccoon Otter Skunk
Pseudodragon Beetle Crab Penguin
Eyeball Black pudding Flying eye Gelatinous cube
Lvl refers to Level of eligible player character class (Sorcerer, Wizard).
  • See also: Voice Throw (Use the chat client to speak on behalf of your familiar)
  • See also: Familiars and Speech (Which familiar (appearance) types can speak)