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The first AvlisHangman International Tournament is open for participants.





Each match consists of three rounds of hangman. Each round consists of two simultaneous games, with each contestant the guesser in one game and the executioner in the other.

  • If only one contestant guesses their word before being hung, that person wins.
  • If both contestants guess their word before being hung, the winner is the person with the lower misscount.
  • If neither contestant guesses their word before being hung, the winner is the person who guessed more of their word (number of correct letter positions out of total letter positions).
  • If the round has no winner by the above rules, it is a draw.

The winner of the match is the winner of two or three rounds of play (it is not necessary to play a third round if the same contestant has won the first two rounds). If, due to a draw, no winner can be determined after three rounds of play, rounds continue until one contestant has won two. That contestant wins the match.

Allowed words

The following words are allowed:

Order of play

The Hangman template is to be used for each game. The following parameters are used in this template to display the game in progress:

  • word:The word (pattern) to be guessed. Blanks are represented by dots (.) and guessed letters are filled in by the executioner in capitals
  • guess:The current guess. This is one letter added to the template by the guesser. It is removed and added to the word (or misses) by the executioner.
  • misses:The list of missed letters already guessed. These should be listed in alphabetical order in lower-case.
  • misscount:The executioner keeps track of the miss count. This starts at 0 and is incremented by 1 when the guesser makes an incorrect guess. A miss count of 6 means the guesser has lost the game.

Each of the two games in a round can be played simultaneously. In general, if the game is "Alice vs. Bob," this means that Alice is the guesser in the first, or top, game and the executioner in the second, or bottom.

Tournament style

The number of participants will determine the tournament style (not yet decided). Some tournament rules:

  • A contestant forfeits their match if they do not respond to a game update within 24 hours

Example game in progress

The following example shows that the guesser has guessed T, S and R, and it is the guesser's turn to make another guess.

Hint: ({{{hint}}})
Word: S.R..
Misses: t



Game tree

Tournament practice to be determined