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WikiRPG: a kind of Role-playing game with a WikiMaster who devises an assignment dealing with a Wiki (including our own Avlis Player Wiki) that may be in the real world (such as going to a library, a museum or interviewing someone), or played soley as a cyber game.

Interacting with the Wiki is largely a solitary uncoordinated activity as it stands today. There is a sense of community, but not so much coordinated cooperation between people. WikiRPG is an attempt to coordinate efforts, and to make working on the Wiki more interesting and fun. It can also serve to recognize Wikians of excellence. It's supposed to be educational after all.

The nature of the quest is entirely up to the WikiMaster, who has ultimate judgement over whether the players have accomplished the quest they have been given. It may be played as a team sport, or like Dungeons and Dragons, as an adventure through wiki space rather than dungeons.

Since this is Wiki, the rules will undoubtedly evolve over time (since anyone can edit them :-) but the quest should be something that promotes the Wiki. It could be to find factual errors, to create new articles, to research new subject areas, or to find new areas that need researching. You could go looking for Wiki vandals. Assignments could be given to get new photographs of interesting things for the Wiki. It's limited only by the imagination of the WikiMasters. It could be timed, or not. There should be no damage to the Wiki as a result of playing the game, in fact, improving the Wiki is a goal.

I trust the wisdom of the Wiki to come up with interesting scenarios, and effective and safe rules. Some mechanism for handing out quests and forming teams has to be created, but we are creative people, we are Wikipedians!


  1. At no time should the activities of WikiRPGers damage the Wiki.
  2. The WikiMaster is the sole judge of the success of the players, and sets up the quest.
  3. The rules will evolve over time as WikiMasters gain experience in playing. (Sort of like playing kick ball with five year olds.)
  4. The quest should be posted on a Wiki page at a prespecified time.
  5. Anyone with a suitable quest can be a WikiMaster.
  6. All rules of the Wiki should be observed.
  7. The winner is posted on the same page that the quest was posted on.
  8. It's supposed to be fun.

Example Quests

Active Quests