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Creature Name: Tigress**

Observations by: Teleniel

Creature Type: Animal ((1299))

Creature Subtype: Feline

CTS trainable: No (rejected, needs additional research or incompatible with CTS, see discussion page).


None listed.

Feeding Habits

Primarily meat from a fresh kill, although in rough patches they have been known to eat specific plants which are high in nutrients.

Disposition and Social Habits

These tigers rarely hunt alone which makes them exceptional companions. Their innate hunting techniques can best be seen when they work with Rangers of Verossa who have adapted their hunting style to match the fierce overwhelming force of their companions.


Temperate and Rain Forests as well as Grasslands, the color of their coats are well adapted to blending in with lush foliage or windblown tall grass.


Most compatible: Panther

  • Like most large cats the these tigers will take a proactive approach and sneak up to their targets before laying them open with vicious attacks.

Other notes

(( The only times i can remember seeing this model outside of a specific companion for the druid who guards the exit to the Hobgoblins near Zavid they go under the title "Ranger's Animal Companion" as the pet used by Verossan Rangers. I've used the specific name of the druids companion for the page and the creature name even though it doesn't make much sense given the descriptor.