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Centaur | Changeling | Dracon | Gnoll | Goblin | Half-Dryad | Half-Nymph | Kobold | Minotaur | Orc | Shaahesk | Wemic

Coordinator: PlasmaJohn Psyco Kinarr

Senior: Lilith Plethora Mortzestus Xoc

DMs: Olaf, Manuel, RCon, Semley, Spool32 Marijn, Cindare, tq121 Melakin, Korak TheElvenKing, Nonscience, Gurky, Sindol Lasher, Version7, Gameboy, Wolfweilder

Avlis Website

  • Add a "button" (something that would make a new player want to press it) link to the getting started page.
  • Add interwiki links for
  • NWNWiki
  • NWN2Wiki

Wish list

  • Fantasy entry:

Use a touched up screenshot with lots of doors and passageways to click on to go to various key parts of the site ... (getting started, the forum, the wiki ... )

  • add a fantasy style

Avlis Wiki

  • Change the top banner add so it isn't overlapped by the wiki
  • Change
  • add a Donation link so we can create a page similar to this ... and add some of the adds there

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