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Tissa sand box



New Players Checklist

1) server access is passworded, you can only recieve passwords by applying for them at this site [CoPaP]

2) Link to HakPaks - you need these downloads to login.

3) Server Rules Summary (I say summary because most people are as eager to read a giant list of rules as they are to go through every line of a software license when installing something) Link to a comprehensive also I guess.

Creating your first character

Avlis is implemented as a persistent world for Neverwinter Nights and is password protected.
  • If you also wish to register for an account on the Avlis forum you can do that here.
  • Once your application is approved follow the instructions in the "Getting Started" section of the Player Guide here. Please read the complete Avlis Player Guide before you create your first character, as certain races or classes might not be appropriate here.

Heading 1

SubHeading a

Heading 2