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Languages on Avlis have a direct scheme to them based on how or why they were created. To create a language on Avlis, you need to be familiar with this scheme and its use. Additionally, a lot of Avlissian languages use some real life languages as templates for grammar and words in order to make things easier for us.

There are 8 basic families for languages listed. (Some languages can belong to more than one family):

Spirit Languages - derived from original language of Avlis before the gods

  • Elven
  • Khanjar Kuro spirit races (i.e. spirit kin, etc.)
  • Tyeduan tribal languages
  • Sylvan languages (sylvan, fairy common, nymph, sprite, dryad, etc.)

Romini Languages

  • Romini - modern
  • Tyeduan tribal languages
  • Common and its dialects (Kurathene, M'Chekian, Jechranian)
  • Adomkuro (which has a lot of Abyssal/Tanar'ri in it)

Dwarven Languages

  • Deglosian (aka Gnomish)
  • Galdosian (aka Dwarven)
  • Kharakuro
  • Korrobokuro (from Khanjar Kuro)

Orcish Languages

  • Orcish

Malekite Languages

  • Goblinoid languages

Serpentine Languages

  • Shaahesk
  • Kuo Tua
  • Sahuagin
  • Kobold
  • Other aquatic and land reptiles

Toranite Languages

  • Dracon

External Languages

  • Drangonari
  • Titanian fairy

Out Of Character Information

The real life templates are:

  • Sprit languages - Semitic grammar, Hebrew template.
  • Romini languages - Indo-European grammar, Gypsie and English templates.
  • Dwarven languages - Germanic grammar, German/Dutch templates.
  • Orc languages - Should reflect some semitic grammar with a slight arabic template mixed in with klingon-sounding words, but it may not be in its current form on the server.
  • Malekite, Serpentine, Toranite languages - No template or grammar as of yet, but some shaahesk and kobold have been written.
  • External - Drangonari is straight Forgotten Realms Elven, Titanian has no template or Grammar at this time.