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Current coordinator of the Kurathene Freelancer's Guild. Also formerly involved in the formation of the Shaahesk Elite, but a general lack of regular lizardmen players has contributed to it's decline.

About the Player:

  • Located in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Has many, many video card headaches with .dds files and as a result, many textures show up white. So if you're seeing something as plain as day and one of my characters is ignoring it, I might be getting that white texture thing again.
  • Plays elven and Shaahesk characters, mostly - somewhat ironic, considering the two are bitter racial enemies at best.
  • More active on the Avlis forums and sometimes, the mIRC channel, than in game - a sad, sad thing.

Current Active Characters:

  • Szakhar'Khotir
    • An aged Shaahesk ex-gladiator, who escaped from the fighting pits of Drotid. Currently makes his home in M'Chek