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Characters: Siri Van Brockenhamm, Jaii, Ko

DM: Blibdoolpoolp

Timezone: GMT -5 (Chicago)

Times available to schedule events:

Tue-Sat 2330 to 0500 GMT (Tues-Fri 1730 to 2300 EST)
Sat, Sun 1600 to 0600 GMT (Sat-Sun 1000 to 0000 EST)

Mostly active on: Mikona, Wilderness, YourMom

Contact: PM renedq

How I Started on Avlis

I have always been a fan of RPGs, since the Ultima and Wizardry days. A good friend of mine, sozin, got me hooked up with Avlis after I bashed a few of the single player mods. My first PC was a boring dwarven fighter named Gru El Wanderito (I cheesed the name from Groo the Wanderer. Sorry.) After realizing he was a major sux0r, I started Siri Van Brockenhamm, a LG turned LE monk. Fun to play. She was part of the Order of the Dragon, as its headmistress, and now part of the Church of The'ton. After a few months, I pulled some more nerds into Avlis. Xarthna (Tasi), Silverfields (Benedict), and GreenElf (Valad) became addicted.

After a year and a half of playing Siri, I wanted to create a samurai-type character, and Jaii (press <ALT-F4> for full stats) was born. My goal with him is that he is a cowardly fighter from Redgate. He is training with the katana so he can master is fear of everything and become honorable.

I recently became a DM, so all my characters are pretty much on hold. DMing is way more fun, but I'll bring Siri out for evil, and Jaii if I want to get pwned.

I hosted the Chicago Avlis Meet in 2006, and pictures can be found here


Asides from playing vids, I do improv comedy at a few places in Chicago. I work at an electronic options trading company named PEAK6 doing some programming and tool work. I also skydive at Sky Knights.

My name is Rene.

I blog here MySpace is here


I volunteer at the Inspiration Cafe. Want to help me?