What is Romance

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By Rali'vinee

Performed at Rali's "Romantic Evening in Mikona" at Mikona's Finest Friday, February 29, 2008 by Rali'vinee and Ashanar Sekor. ~ Written down for Rali by Molly FeatherFingers


Rali: *smiles at Ash* Of Ro-mance. . . may-be is too hot?

Rali: *fans Ash dramatically with her hands*

Ash: Never *laughs*

Rali: *laughs, pulls out her own lute*

Rali: *begins to pluck softly, going straight into it*

Rali: *sings to Ash, teasingly yet again* ~ Oh Aaaaaaaash?

Ash: ~ Yes Rali? *sings*

Rali: ~ Please give to me your words. . . what to you is Romance?

Ash: *smiles and begins playing along with Rali, he considers her question a moment then winks at her and begins singing in a deep voice*

Ash: ~ Some colors, Dear Love-ly bring to my heart a dance. . .

Ash: ~ Like Black. . . the color of the night sky . . .

Ash: ~. . . and eyes with lashes so long, your hair. . . ! *while singing his eyes travel her curves, slowly, lower and lower, his fingers play on the lute slowly*

Rali: *smiles, watching him and the audience as she plays*

Ash: *sing slowly a line* ~and green~ *his words slur a bit like in a trance*

Rali: *flutters eyelashes at him* ~ Avaveen

Rali: *chuckles melodically, placing a finger beneath his chin, raising his gaze back to hers* Ohhhh Aaaaaaaash. . . *sings lightheartedly, as if to bring him back from a dream*

Ash: ~ Hmmmm? Yes Rali? snaps out of it with a dramatic shake of his head then smiles at the crowd and smiles sheepishly*

Rali: ~ What else is ro-mance?

Ash: ~ You tell me, sweet Lovely *he winks at her again while playing the lute*

Rali: ~ Ohhhhh *strums*. . hmmm *strums*. . A breeze and a walk *turns to the audience, smiling*

Rali: ~ The docks!

Rali: ~Ship bells, and sea gulls, sailors’ calls, *grins* Ahoy!

Ash: ~ AHOY! *sing an echo of her words with a smile*

Rali: ~ And Find-ing a friend. . . to teach new things

Rali: ~ Like skipping stones. . . *looks out and blushes a tiny bit*

Ash: ~ Quiet moans *quickly sneaks in a line barely above a whisper*

Rali: ~ Holding hands and holding back, the first touch

Rali: ~ a clutch! *voice trails to humming as she closes her eyes and sways, hands to her heart clasped, the lute neck between them*

Ash: *interrupts her trance, singing low and teasing* ~ Oh Raaaaaali?

Rali: *opens eyes and looks at him, raising brows* ~ Hmmmmmmmmmmm? *tucks her lute away swiftly*

Ash: ~ I think there is more to hear . . . my dear. . .

Ash: ~ Moonlight walks and music

Ash: ~ Firelight and flowers blue as the moon,

Rali: ~ Waterfall spray and wet hair. . . *interjects, grinning*

Ash: *sneaks the line in* ~ Your legs, bare

Ash: ~ taste of sweat, softly breathing in my ear

Rali: ~ Humming, Ash, on my neck *touches a finger to her neck, trails it to her shoulder, grinning*

Ash: ~ Soft pillows, Rali, and Shoulders kissed with Rain

Rali: ~ Mmmm rainy kisses. . . *pulls out her umbrella with a grin*

Ash: ~ perfume, roses, and diiiiiiiirty red wine

Rali: ~ Mmmmmm wiiiiiine *opens the umbrella*

Rali: ~. . . and winking!

Rali: ~ and Laughing *singing turns more quiet, pushes open her umbrella to hide them*

Rali: ~ And bites! *heard from behind the umbrella*

Ash: *the music pauses a moment then* ~ Of Pie!~ *from behind the umbrella*

Rali: *giggles softly, humming, heading back stage*

Ash: ~ And back rubs, Rali . . . *they walk backstage, both humming, their voices mingling, volume trailing off behind them softly*

Rali: *laughs*