Wild Card Brak

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By Rali'vinee

Wild Card Brak

Play-ing dice or Blackjack . . . Bet-ter hide your gold sack

And hold all your cards back . . .

When Mighty Brak cracks:


His Mi-ghty hammer falls if you calls him smalls

So get ready for Tonk and brawls

When the Gobo calls:


Don’t try steal-ing his tribes! His wit’ll catch your jibes

Yous better go hides . . .When Mighty Gobo chides:


Gems, you should be supplyin! But at a fair price he in’t buyin!

From your dead hands he’d prefer pryin’

Yes that Gobo’s evil-eyein:


*Performed April 25, 2008 at the fireside, Mirtho's Rest, Hala, for Brak*