Loash Leheven

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Loash Leheven Business Card

  • Location: Sonja's Hoard, Zvidureth, T'Nanshi
  • Shopkeeper: Celine (NPC)
  • Proprietor: Sonja Pyre - Laban
  • Stock: Herbal supplies, Alchemy products and Weapons

Loash Leheven

Loash Leheven is Nanshilae for Three Blades. Started out with three women wanting to create weapons of exceptional quality but with a price that any could afford. With the ideal that pure alloys and hand made components stood for a level of artistry and commitment not seen in many weapons. Each of the three has an area of study that supports the other two. So they all work together to create everything they make. Each in their own right is a master in their area of study and uses that knowledge to produce something of the highest quality. Over time they had the opportunity to expand with a storefront in the village of Zvidureth. Given that they expanded their business using their own talents in the arts of Alchemy, Herbalism, Carpentry and Tailoring. To offer a more complete line of products to people at a reasonable price.

Who is Loash Leheven?

Loash Leheven is Edom, Kehol, and Laban or more commonly known by the names of Nawen, Aiko, and Sonja. The three took on the names they call each other based on certain well known features. Edom being Nanshilae for red with Nawen's fiery hair. Kehol being Nanshilae for blue with Aiko stunning blue dragon wings. Laban being Nanshilae for white with Sonja's proud white dragon wings.

What to expect from Loash Leheven

Simply the best deals around and prices that can't be matched in the Spiritland or the Prime. If you wish to buy in bulk make arrangements to meet with Loash Leheven as we offer discounts for large orders. There is also a growing stock of wands of Arcane nature and orders are accepted for made or order wands. Arcane wands are produced by Sonja and special Pryomancer wands made by Vicmin Fria.

Current Prices of Note

  • Potions of Heavenly Heal for Loash Reth Lonovan or 300 gold coins
  • Potions of Heal for Shmoe Reth v'Mishya Lonovan or 825 gold coins
  • Healing Kit +12 for Reth Lonovan or 100 gold coins
  • Adamantium Weapons for Shta Rish v'shny Esrishen or 220,000 gold coins

How to Contact Loash Leheven

Celine (NPC) Account Coming

Aiko aka Kehol Contact

Nawen Amakirr Ael'nyon aka Edom Contact

Sonja aka Laban Contact