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'Its me Gutemensch' is Qute himself.

Player of Nawen Beign (floaty Nawen Amakirr), Fi of Silverwoods, Lotte Shadeflower, Suldove Ravdove, and Dele Seakissed

SR Assist DM as Mishlekh

Irreverence Awards 2008 - Most in Need of a Sex Change: Honourable Mention Nawen Amakirr.
Irreverence Awards 2010 - Most in Need of a Sex Change: Tied for win Nawen Amakirr.
Irreverence Awards 2016 - Winner of The Micah Ormane Prize for Narcissism.
Irreverence Awards 2018 - Honorable mentions in Elf in a Bathrobe, The Vintrinia Carnen Trophy for Sickest Burns, Winner of The Janur da Medican Prize for Most Gratuitous RP Martyrdom, Shoes we’d Least Like to Fill, The Plethora Prize, Chaotic Awesome Award, Permadeath Prize, and The Micah Ormane Prize for Narcissism.

Irreverence Awards 2018 - Runner up for Skywalker Award

Areas Built
Paradise in Elysia
Thayt'Blue Dragon
Sonja's Hoard
Loash Leheven Gardens

Maiden Keep
Shalara's Workshop
Fairy Gardens (CCC)
Suneal Thorpe
Drakehall Keep
Friends of the Forest