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Name: Maim'aviviya Sher'shelega
Alias: Avivi and Song
Race: Ghost Elf
Gender: Female
Age: Early 220's
Occupation: Wizard for Hire
Class: Wizard
Familiar: Craft
Trust: Hedge
Magical Interest: Abjuration and Enchantment
Faith: Spellbinder of Andrinor
Motto: Men are easy; its women that are cunning
Claim to Fame:
Birthplace: Near Grovehaven, T'Nanshi
Current Residence:


A rather short and petite example of a Ghost Elf; who even in heeled boots barely reaches four and a half feet. Her golden hair cascades off her head in waves of elongated curls. Her eyes are just as golden as her hair. When she dresses as a ghost elf to reveal her bloodline, she glows in ways that are enticing and alluring.

It is rumored that upon her feet are tattoos of Andrinor's hedge and denote her membership in a certain coven.


When she first departed her family's secluded hamlet all those years ago. She met a mage from the White Order of the Light named Aria Ashby and quickly became her friend and her student in the arts. The two took the newly founded city of Visimontium to see what life had to offer and what they could learn of the arts; through she would learn rather quickly that Aria was already a well-known mage and ranked as a Great Mage within the White Order of the Light. Aria was known to depart without giving word. Always running off to study her form of advanced magic for healing. Then one day, she never returned. Maim'aviviya looked and waited while doing odd tasks to keep her lodging bill current but weeks turned into months and still no word from her friend.


Unwilling to return to her parents after bragging about what she would become. She left a note at The Plough and Scythe for Aria and departed to the lands of the Old Empire. There she wondered about the lands losing track of time and discovering her own disenchantment with the faith she had adopted as her own; Gorethar. She roamed the land, practicing her arts, learning when she could, and discovering she had a taste for wine. Which is more than likely how she ended up in The Seven Cities.

There in the City of Pleasures, known as Stalwart, she learned a neat trick from another hedge she met while sampling the local wines. That Charmed Person when performed quietly with a deft touch is a lovely way to 'earn' coin to maintain a lifestyle. Then she learned one has to be smarter than the street hustlers and prostitutes that sell their bodies if she going to pretend to be one without being one. In the typical fashion of Maim'aviviya, this would not work out at first. One night, she spotted a well to do man and enchanted him with her ways. Uknown to her was that he was another Hedge's prime source of income using the same methods. So, the next night, unknown to Maim'aviviya. She was the target for many days under another's enchantment and worked the inn. Wasn't till she was released from the enchantment that she knew and was taught the ways of the world by the one she drew the attention from. Impressed by her skill and at accepting the lesson taught to her. She was admitted into the Sisters of the Vortex; a coven based out of Stalwart but would travel lands around the confederation; only after completing the ritual and offering herself to their source of power; Andrinor.

For many decades, Maim'aviviya and some of her coven sisters roamed the Seven Cities plying their skills in the arts. Be it magical seduction for coins, pretending to be trust certified for employment, and sometimes admitting who they were to undertake jobs others wouldn't. During this time, Maim'aviviya starts hearing rumors of the Immortal Queen of the Ghost Elves; someone her parents spoke of in mythical tones. More and more she hears these rumors and that she has revealed herself in T'Nanshi. After wearing out her welcome in Crosstreams she told her sisters to return to Stalwart and that she heading south to her homelands to see about some matters.