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Name: Lorelei Vonner
Race: Romin
Gender: Female
Age: Late 20's
Occupation: Bodyguard
Class: Monk\Psion
Faith: Faithful to the Blessed Sun Mother Ti'si'faan
Tattoos/Marks: The Morning Sun is depicted upon her face
Claim to Fame:
Birthplace: Toran Shaarda
Current Residence:


An unassuming young lady that speaks with a harsh accent of the Romini with a hint of Toran Shaarda delict to it. Bright faced and somber eyes grace her face; along with some markings denote which caravan she was born in. Maybe you watch your coin pouch around her, So trekoth!

Jekh milya drom, jehk milya dromoi nevi denedìnav o braval.


Born of simple, yet proud family and caravan; Lorelei always wondered when the caravan came to a crossroads and went one way. What did the other way hold? In her sixteenth year, as the caravan reaches a crossroad and slowly turned north in its lumbering fashion. Seeing the vast landscape of the desert from her spot riding on the back of the wagon. She grabs her bag and hops off the wagon and starts walking south following the warm breeze that guides her. Over a decade later, she emerges from the desert with a greater understanding of herself and how the world should be.

The Dream

While in Toran Shaadra, she studied at a few monasteries and with select communities but mostly she roamed with the wind seeking answers to her questions. While walking the vast plains in solitude to quiet her mind as she was taught to. One day, the wind just stopped moving and with it her feet. She looked around and then up to the skies. Her eyes meet the sun and all was quiet and made sense to her.

At that moment, she saw two women in a strange village surrounded by trees. As she saw them, the sunlight was glowing and then a third woman stepped into view and joined them. The third woman was Lorelei and there her mind was quiet and purpose found. She saw a craved stag on a sign for an inn and a fountain. Then everything went blurry and she felt the wind blowing around her once again.

Unable to shake the feeling she was meant to be there. She started asking every traveler she crossed paths with. Passing through a village, she asked about such places and explained why. The shaman proclaimed it a vision from Ti'si'faan and while not knowing where to seek, did point to the west and spoke of crossing the sea. She stayed overnight in the village and at first light gave her first offering to Ti'si'faan and feeling the warmth upon her skin that very morning. She had the morning sun emblazoned upon her face before the sunset that night.