Paradise Boutique

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Paradise Boutique and Emporium Ad

  • Store Name: Paradise Boutique and Emporium

  • Location: Paradise, Northern Residents, Elysia

  • Shopkeeper: Mista (NPC)

  • Partners: Aiko & Sonja

  • Stock: fashionable attire, herbal supplies, alchemy mixtures and little of everything

The Being

Paradise Boutique and Emporium was conceived as way to sell well made and needed supplies at a fair price. Nawen being a prolific producer in many fields saw the storefront as a way to get her products to market. Paradise Boutique and Emporium started to thrive quickly due the quality of what was sold and the prices it was sold it. Through her sales of the fabled potion of heal and her output of the fame Shadowweave attire. Everything was looking good the small shop.

The Fall of Elysia

As Elysia fell to the invading Shaashek forces. Paradise Boutique and Emporium was quickly looted of all healing supplies and anything helpful then given to the defenders of Elysia trying to fend off and protect the city. While the supplies eased many a persons pain and did help them stay in the fight. The fight was lost and Elysia was overran by Shaashek. When the dust settled Nawen returned to Elysia along with Aiko and Sonja to close the shop and lock the door.

After the Fall of Elysia

While the doors to Paradise Boutique and Emporium are locked for the occupation of Elysia. The ideals that inspired the shop are not locked away but out in T'Nanshi in exiled and working with Loash Leheven from Zvidureth.

How to Contact Paradise Boutique and Emporium

Nawen Amakirr Ael'nyon Contact