Alteration Machines

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Alteration machines can be found throughout Avlis. The exact locations/list is FOIG, but they aren't hard to find, so just ask.

What does an Alteration Machine look like?

It is usually a Ganoomish machine shaped like a pedestal having a glass ball on top. And you will see a male model on one side and a female model on the other side. They are there to kindly model your item as you change it.

How do you use it?

Clicking on the Ganoomish machine will open like a container, so you place your item into the container. Once you do that, it will present you with a menu of options for what you can do to that type of item. After you've selected to use the Male or Female models, they will wear/hold your item as you are working on it. This allows you to see immediately what your changes will look like. When you are finished making your alterations and you have paid your fee, the item will be replaced back onto the machine for you to retrieve.

What can be altered?

  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Clothing
  • Helms/Hoods
  • Cloaks
  • Shields

Some of the alteration machines are limited to altering a certain sub-set of this list. While others can do them all.

What can NOT be altered?

Of the list of items that can be altered above, you are prohibited from altering items that are marked PLOT.

What alterations can I make to an item?

  • Change the name of the item (white text or colored text)
  • Change the color of the item
  • Change the design/model appearance of the item

What skills do I need to be able to use these machines?


How much does it cost to make an alteration?


What happens if I try to make an alteration and it fails?

You pay the fee and try again. The item will be returned to the machine.

What other special features are there?

  • If you have the skills, you can save your changes to clothing as a "Pattern". And it will keep track of your patterns, so you can use them later and apply them to other items of the same type.
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