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Transmutant Overview

Much like how Shifters are druids who take their shape-shifting to their logical extremes, Transmutants are transmuters who focus on the ability for magic to change their very essence. This allows them a wider variety of shifting abilities using their magic and self-transmutation spells, but typically means their spell selection becomes more easily jumbled.


1 - Alternate Forms: Polymorph Self (Elemental Forms)

2 - Alternate Forms: Polymorph Self (Shifter Forms), Tenser's Variation (Nightstalker's Transformation)

3 - Alternate Forms: Shapechange (Ancient Dragon, White Slaad, etc.)


Note: Unless otherwise stated, all targetted spells have a fortitude save for transmuting anything not in your party.

Level 1

Burning hands

  • Turns caster into a huge fire elemental for 5 rounds.

Expeditious retreat

  • Turns caster into a huge air elemental for round/3 levels.

Level 2

Bull's strength

  • Turns targetted creature into minotaur and grants 1d2 + 2 strength bonus for round/caster level.

Cat's grace

  • Turns targetted creature into dire tiger and grants 1d2 + 2 dexterity bonus for round/caster level.

Eagle's splendor

  • Turns targetted creature into a succubus and grants 1d2 + 2 charisma bonus for round/caster level.


  • Turns targetted creature into dire bear and grants 1d2 + 2 constitution bonus for round/caster level.

Fox's cunning

  • Turns targetted creature into mindflayer and grants 1d2 + 2 intelligence bonus for round/caster level.

Owl's wisdom

  • Turns targetted creature into doom knight and grants 1d2 + 2 wisdom bonus for round/caster level.

Stone bones

  • Turns target undead creature into a risen lord for 1 round/2 caster levels. Destroys undead creature at the end of duration.

Level 4

Polymorph self

  • Alternate shapes.
    • Spider - Gargoyle
    • Troll - Manticore
    • Umberhulk - Basilisk
    • Pixie - Minotaur
    • Zombie - Quasit


  • Turns target creature into a huge earth elemental for 1 round/caster level

Level 6

Greater stoneskin

  • Turns caster into elder earth elemental for 1 round/level

Tenser's transformation

  • Turns Tenser's into "Nightstalker's Transformation", granting 3d6 sneak attacks, +10 to hide/move silently, and evasion for 1 round/level.

Flesh to stone

  • Turns target into elder earth elemental for 1 turn/level

Stone to flesh

  • Turns a construct into a cow for 1 round/5 levels on failed will save.

Level 9


  • Alternate shapes.
    • Dragon - Ancient Blue Dragon
    • Giant - Epic Minotaur
    • Balor - Epic Manticore
    • Slaad - Epic Gargoyle
    • Golem - Mithral Golem

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