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Elves on Avlis were created as a personification of the chaotic good alignment by the god Dru'El, with help from Corellon Larethian. Originally there were two distinct races, the Avlissian elves and the ghost elves. These two original races have always lived together in harmony.

At some point in the past, a now-unknown deity created a race of winged elves, the Avariel. The god Angadar then created a fourth race of elves, the Drangonari, as a parody of the Avariel. These two races warred with each other, and the Avariel were nearly destroyed in the conflict.

A fifth race of elves, the Sereg'wethrin, are believed to have been created from Avlissian elves by unnatural means. They are distinguished by their jet black skin, and seem to exist only to eradicate humans.

Elves have been known to produce half-dryad, half-human (referred to as half-elf), and half-nymph hybrids.

Elven Races

Avariel elf

Avlissian elf

Drangonari elf

Ghost elf





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