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The Advanced Mage Specialization (AMS) system is intended to allow the implementation of spell-casting "prestige classes". The effect is intended to give spellcasters additional options and specializations tied to a closer or more advanced study of magic.

Each variant caster class has 3 ranks. The first and second ranks can be unlocked by a DM or by PC trainers that hold the third rank and have been designated as trainers by a DM. The third rank can only be unlocked by a DM.

Not every mage will get an AMS class, nor will every mage with AMS get to the third or even second rank. As with all prestige classes on Avlis, IC training, interaction, and RP are necessary to progress. Some AMS classes are better for wizards and some for sorcerers, but either can learn any of them. The only AMS class available to bards is Arcane Adept

Membership in Andria's Academy of Mortal Magic is a requirement for AMS with the exception of Psi-Mage of Angadar which is tailored to Angadarian mages. Exceptions are possible but must be explored In Game.

Available Specializations

The specializations presently available on Avlis are:


  • Currently, a PC can only have one AMS.
  • Players of Pale Masters who wish to pursue an AMS are asked to PM the Event DM team with their proposal, including how they intend to roleplay the combination. Requests for an AMS will be considered on a case-by-case basis.