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The coming of NWN:SoU and NWN:HotU have seen the introduction of prestige classes. Prestige classes are taken very seriously on Avlis. Even if your PC fulfills the requirements necessary to start gaining levels in a certain prestige class (such as arcane archer or assassin), he will not be able to do so until he also finds and completes a scripted quest tied to that class, or has it unlocked by another character who has achieved mastery (at least 10 levels) in the Prestige Class. The completion of this quest is to signify the pains that must be taken to get the specialized training necessary to gain levels in that prestige class. A player can also have a prestige class unlocked by a DM upon completing a special DM quest, or as a roleplaying award.

It is important to note that three of the prestige classes in NWN are not allowed in Avlis. The first is the Red Dragon Disciple. This is because red dragons are not indigenous to Avlis, so no native Avlissian character can have red dragon blood. The second is the Champion of Torm. Torm is not worshipped in Avlis, so he has no followers here. The third is the Harper Scout. The Harpers are an organization exclusive to the Forgotten Realms and therefore do not exist on Avlis.

Avlis also has its own special prestige classes. These are the Holy Warriors of the nine major gods (see Part II, Chapter 4, Section F). To be able to gain levels in these prestige classes you must have it unlocked by another character who has achieved mastery (10 levels or more) in the class, or by a DM. The IC process of becoming a Holy Warrior varies - some may require you to become a part of the in-game Holy Order, others will not. It is worth noting that the process of becoming a Holy Warrior can be arduous, lengthy, and involves some intense roleplay! The exception is the Paladin class, which is a base class. This means anyone can choose to gain levels in Paladin (so long as they meet the requirements); however, it is an Avlis rule that all Paladins are both worshippers and Holy Warriors of Gorethar.

Taking more than one PrC for a player character require DM permission, which is very rarely granted. See the ruling here "A note on multiple PrC request policy" in the Avlis forum before you consider taking multiple prestige classes.

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