Celestial Bison

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Creature Name: Celestial Bison

Observations by: Cairn Mosslel, ranger of ANRA

Creature Type: Animal ((1015))

Creature Subtype: Bovine

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


The Celestial Bison is a docile creature when observed calmly grazing from a distance. When worked to a frenzy, few creatures (or inanimate objects for that matter) can hamper its momentum. The bison is a cow-ish creature: brown thick hair with a large elongated head and horns. The front half of the bison is massive in stature and girth. Physically, it is vaguely reminiscent of the minotaur. It is unknown if the bison has natural origins on Avlis, but if it did, I suppose one might look for it in the grasslands of nations such as Kurathene, Toran Sharda, Dubanat, and Brekon . The bison studied by this author is one that was summoned from another plane (Celestial). It is quite trainable and receptive to a druid or ranger befriending it.

Physically, the bison's outstanding characteristics are its strength and endurance. Offensive momentum is the animals best fighting tactic, lowering its huge head, large horns and thick neck and plowing through its foe. It travels well, able to trot along for long distances without need of food and water.

Feeding Habits

From observation, the bison is a herbivore grazer. Grasses (in copious amounts) are its favored food.

Disposition and Social Habits

The bison appears to be quite social, and will work with its trainer. The author suspects it would travel in herds, if there were a number of them. Its mating habits and other habits are relatively unknown.


Grassy plains.


Most compatible: Dire Boar

  • Dire boar is most suitable due to its strength and determination.

Other notes

None listed.