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NOTE: Only TWO servers handles custom creation at the moment: Le'Or T'Nanshi for most custom races, and Underdark for Adomkuro.


  • If you wish to play one of the non-standard races, make a brand new character according to the table below these bullets.
  • In default character creation,make sure you pick the proper portrait and write the proper background with this character as if it was already converted to the custom race.
  • As of May 2012: Logging onto Le'Or, you will land in a tree top canopy area. There will be two NPCs: Newbie Instructions (An Elf) and Character Creation (An tree-like giant being- hover over all trees in front of you to the right until you see which ones come up as an avatar- it should be easy to find).
  • Follow the auto- instructions of Custom Creation customizer carefully.
  • Then talk to the Newbie Instructions NPC. After you go through the server rules, you are allowed to go past her to enter L'Or. If you wish to start on another server, check with a GM before changing, to explain your situation. Good luck. Many thanks to Red Golem of Abyss404 for creating this system.

Make a _____ to play a ______:

Dwarf Goblin, Kobold
Elf Avariel, Ghost Elf, Drangonari, Changeling
Gnome Goblin, Kobold, Stone Dwarf
Half-Elf Centaur, Half-Dryad, Half-Nymph, Lizardman, Wemic
Half-Orc Gnoll, Half-Ogre, Kobold, Lizardman, Orc
Halfling Goblin, Kobold
Human Adomkuro

There are a number of quirks and oddities with the custom race system:

  • Something that MANY people forget, is to take into account the stat modifiers of a base race. If you use a Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Halfling or Half-Orc, you need to do some math when you assign stats at character creation. EG when creating a Drangonari, which has completely different stat modifiers to the base elf, you have to remember that you will have 2 less dex and 2 more con than is shown when first creating the character.
  • The races with AC are not Natural armor, due to a NWN limitation - they each gain +1 Deflection AC. (useless, really)
  • ECL - Effective Character Level. Races with an ECL number listed start with that many levels in a basic class (humanoid or beast). These bonus levels make you start out more powerful than most characters, but are weaker than the same number of levels in a character class and also reduce multiclassing options.
  • Several custom races have a penalty to intelligence. This means that the character creation screen gives you 4 skill points more than it should when making these races, due to racial modifiers being added by the golem after you log in. In theory a character will fail the legal character check run by the server if you spend more skill points at level 1 than a character is supposed to have, and so you should leave 4 levels unspent until you gain a level. There have been reports about this invalidating characters in the past, although test character made by me have not had this problem - ignore at your own risk.
  • Even though Half-Ogres and Wemics are large creatures (size 4) you still can't wield a large weapon in the off hand. (has to do with nwn mechanics).
  • Large and Small races (Wemics, Half-Ogres, Kobolds, Goblins) do not have the size modifiers visible ont he feats list as with halflings and gnomes, but they DO apply. Small creatures have bonus AC and low synergy with knockdown, large creatures have penalties to AC and high synergy with knockdown.
  • Don't let a stat drop below 6, or autobic thinks you're cheating. (and will rename your character "stupid cheater", to boot)
  • Centaur, Orc, Lizardman, Gnoll, Goblin, and Kobold do not use character models. This means that your character will always look the same, no matter what armor or clothing you put on. You will still get the effects of the things you are wearing. You just won't see them show up on your body on the screen. There is a workaround for some custom races, this is detailed in this article on the Avlis forum

NOTE: The above information was taken from a post by Gairus:

Avlis Custom Races

Dwarf, Stone
Elf, Drangonari
Elf, Ghost
Human, Adomkuro