Greater Manticore

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Gr mainticore2.jpg


Creature Name: Greater Manticore

Observations by: Cairn Mosslel, ranger of ANRA

Creature Type: Magical Beast ((1121))

Creature Subtype: None listed.

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


The Greater Manticore is rare magical beast whose origin is unknown to this author. It is perhaps more refined, more ominous and more grotesque (according to some) than the Manticore. Few who see the Greater Manticore will forget its appearance. A massive grey or white head that has humanoid characteristics. The face is flat, with a smallish nose and a large mouth full of sharp pointed teeth. The beast's body is brown and has prominent musculature. Sharp bony spikes up to 18 inches in length protrude from the animals back, near it's front shoulders. Like its less strong cousin, the Greater Manticore dons wings however, these wings are very 'bat-like' in appearance. The Greater Manticore cannot fly but the wings appear to aid the beast when running. The tail of the manticore should not be forgotten. Great bony spikes lie in a cluster on the end of the beast's strong tail, which makes the tail resemble and behave similarly to a great flail.

Feeding Habits

From observation, the Greater Manticore appears to eat just about any animal or person that is unfortunate to be in its path. It lunges with incredible strength and slashes with teeth, tail, and claws. Those that have survived an encounter with a Greater Manticore will tell you that wounds inflicted are grievous.

Disposition and Social Habits

Because of their magical nature, Greater Manticore's appear to be somewhat intelligent, yet they also appear to have evil leanings. They have been observed with forest hags who generally despise individuals of a good nature. Despite this, one who can make strong bonds with animals will likely be able to command a Greater Manticore at least for a short time. This author believes, with careful training, that a Manticore can bond and become a companion for a proficient druid or ranger.

Like their lesser cousin, Greater Manticores do appear to at least tolerate others of their kind. While not yet observed, they may have hierarchical dominant/recessive relationships when living or traveling in groups. Breeding habits are presently unknown.


The native Habitat of the Greater Manticore is unknown. This author suspects that Manticores (both the greater and lesser) originally came to Avlis from another realm, world or plane. Manticores have seem to found a niche environment in at least one rarely-visited canopy above T'Nanshi.


Most compatible: Panther

  • Cat-like physical appearance, cunning and movement.

Other notes

  • Unlike its lesser cousin, observation and interaction with the Greater Manticore found that it did not freely throw spikes. More time with the beast is needed to determine this potential ability. (ooc: for some reason on the Le'Or server, it appears that some NPC monsters do not use their abilities all that often)
  • Greater Manticores are magical creatures and may have spell-like abilities. While in a fight with a Manticore, it appeared that it was drawing upon the arcane, but the author could not determine the nature of the magic.