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Izrick's Avatar

Race: Gnome

Gender: Male
Classes: Bard, Wizard
Interests: The Harpinger
Habitation: Underdark
Contact: Leave a message.

This gnome used to be a customary, though surprising, sight around the murky streets and passages of Verloghokbol, famed den of depravity; often racing around with a hell-hound in tow, occasionally pausing to recite intense and impassioned poetry that belied his habitual silliness, reading from a large book bearing the title of "The Collected Writings of Izrick". His story soon became a tragic one: developing an uncontrollable lust for fungi, he would frequent the mushroom farms outside the city for unhealthy amounts of time, and invariably returned at high speeds, screaming for help, and bearing the characteristic marks of Osquip teeth. Recently, he has not been heard of.