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Full Name: Mia'sharyn'darli Jarnen (Miasha for short)
Age: 30
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Average
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Nymph
Class: Cleric/Sorcerer
Hair: Long Blonde Curls (Golden locks)
Eyes: Grey-Blue
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Dru'el
Primary Weapon(s): Longsword
Other Weapons: Spells, Blessings, Sharp Wit, Longbow
Birthplace: The T'Nanshi Forest

"The world is a sad dangerous place, and someone has to brighten it up."


  • Serge Jarnen (Father, Human Tailor)
  • Ana'marci'toovi (Mother, Nymph Druidess)
  • Cynthia Jarnen (Step-mother)

Miasha has been remorted

Physical Description

Miasha is a lovely half-nymph with long curly blonde hair and steely blue-grey eyes. She stands about 5'8 and seems of medium build. She usually has a bright cheery smile on her face, unless something dark or tragic has happened recently. Her complexion is has gotten tanner as she spends more time in the woods and away from the city.


Miasha was born from two lovers, the product of a doomed relationship. Her mother 'Ana'marci'toovi (Ana)' was a nymph druidess of the T'Nanshi. She fell in love with a human from the city of Elysia while he was on a business trip, delivering some goods to Zviderith(sp?). The mans name was Serge, and he was a devout follower of O'Ma. When he saw the nymph, he became entranced with her beauty and fell madly in love with her. They saw each other many times after then and Serge found himself looking for excuses to travel. Nine months after their first visit, Ana gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She named her Mia'sharyn'darli or Miasha for short. The happy lovers quickly realized that the child would change everything. Ana begged Serge to leave his life in the city behind for her, but Serge was already wed. He could not bring himself to break his vows to his wife, so the two lovers broke apart. They agreed to share in the raising of their wonderful daughter. Ana would have her for springs and summers, and Serge would shelter her during falls and winters. Due to the duality of her upbringing, Miasha found herself studying two ways of life. The way of the priestess when she was with her father, and the way of the sorceress when with her mother.

When Miasha was nearing her eighteenth birthday, mere months from her ordainment as a priestess, her father passed away. Before he had passed, he asked Miasha to seek out her mother and tell her the news once the day arrived and so she did. Her mother was heartbroken when the news reached her of her one only love's death. Ana fled into the forests and Miasha has not seen her since. Miasha's step mother Cynthia quickly sold the Elysian house and moved to her family in Visimontium leaving Miasha with no relatives to depend on. She finished her final months of training, then began her life as an adventurer.

Recent History

Miasha has spent a long time as a priestess of O'Ma travelling the lands, righting as many wrongs as she could. She also joined up with the Ivory Order to further her arcane studies. However, due to certain events that occured in the city of Elysia, she began to question her own reasons for her faith. She left the city she loved to pray and meditate on what she had to do. After some time, she realized that she followed O'Ma for all the wrong reasons. It was her father's faith, not her own that spured her to follow the father. Disgusted with her own lack of faith, she renounced herself as a priestess of O'Ma. She continued to pray however, for she still had faith in the gods. With some book study and long hours in the temple of Dru'el speaking with the priest, she finally converted.

Her change of heart also marked her inability to remain with the Ivory Order, so with a heavy heart she left her brothers and sisters of the arcane behind.

She is now openly a member of the Shemathen and fights for Dru'el and for nature. Her love of mankind, animals, and plants spurs her on to greater heights.

Miasha retired many years ago, and now wanders the forest with her lover Lalant.


Miasha is generally a good natured person. She'll chat with anyone, and does so with a smile on her face. She loves to help all living things and hates seeing people or animals in pain. Her innocence is long behind her and she tends to be a bit more serious in most matters. Shes harder to trust, but still generally thinks well of most people.

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