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Race: Goblin
Gender: Male
Origin: Unknown
Year of Birth: Unknown
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Deity: Valok
Current Residence: Visimontium Gold Tower and the Dock House ("the office") he shares with Admiral Milen (Formerly Nikki Tanners residence).

Gold Order of the Sand (Andrinor's Trust) - Senior Mage of Mikona
Rookie Supplies (Mikonan Merchant) - lease holder (refers to himself as the "patron") - requisitioned through the common house of M'Chek after a little bit of nudging from Neeb about it "not perfoming its stated function".


Having retired from the Blackhawks after achieving the rank of Corporal, Neeb is almost always found in public wearing his Senior Mage robes, which he keeps impeccably clean and habitually smooths out or pats down with a free hand during conversation, almost as if reassuring himself they're real. His Valokian Holy Symbol is clearly displayed over any outfit.

He carries a plainly crafted stave with a rough chuck of Greensteel mounted at the top (A Baatorian metal, distinctive to those with moderate planar knowledge). He also wears a fine belt with Tyeduan stylings, tanned and polished to a smooth golden brown... with a stretched human face visible across it's surface. Under the impeccable robes he wears what look suspiciously like Human sized gumboots.


Neeb speaks of a long-slaughtered tribe in Kurathene, though he has never been specific as to which Fief. When asked of his next several year absence, he sometimes mentions a Spirit Shaman named Vigi but very seldom elaborates. Of his most recent period of being scarce, he'll say no more than that he was 'busy'.

Friends and Associates

Neeb speaks of Damar Ogdem with awe and reverence, though the latter has probably long forgotten of him. To his superiors in both the Gold Order and Blackhawks he is attentive often to the point of servility. Other than this he is friendly and respectful (though sometimes misguidedly patronising) to most anyone, frequently referring to people by title or station rather than name. Neeb has been taking Aeromancy lessons from the Violet Aeromancer Lilliana, having learned his elemental overdrawing and his first substitutions (rank 1).


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