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Race: Elf
Classes: Rogue
Guild affiliations: None known
Most active on server: Wilderness, Mikona
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Most of Rade's first memories are of her life in the orphanage of Dra'Nar in Le'Or. With a plain face and small stature she was easy to overlook. While some of her caregivers didn't always notice this about her, a group of the rougher kids certainly did. Rade spent a decade as a henchman to the bullies of the orphanage, happily stealing treats and toys for them in return for a small cut of everything. In the process of her misadventures she became stronger, and as she became stronger she learned the arts of intimidation herself. Life was good as she learned to take what she wanted and promised pain to any who would report her. For half a century whatever she couldn't get away with was quickly covered by the gang of misfits she grew up with and helped train. Her actions finally came to light however with the arrival of an anonymously donated cake from a kind citizen.

Strange cake deliveries weren't uncommon at the orphanage. The priests would set them in a high cupboard until dessert, then take them down to be blessed, purified, and distributed among the happy children. Rade's greedy gang, however, had a leader due to leave later that particular week and they wanted the entire cake as their parting gift. With her usual grace Rade managed to quietly rescue the desired treat and deliver it to the crew outside the orphanage before the priests could bless it for everyone else. The leader, a human at the time, greedily took the first few bites and promptly started foaming at the mouth. The poison the priests usually neutralized from the gifted cakes killed him before he even hit the ground.

A commotion quickly broke out among the group. Most went to fetch the priests for help. One of the strongest however stayed behind to make Rade pay for her alleged betrayal. His clumsy punches were easy for her to dodge, but she was forced back with each one. Soon the pair ran out of canopy in their fight. He charged, trying to use his weight to shove her off to her doom. Rade fell backwards and used her legs to guide her assailant over her form and over the edge. Maleki's voice spoke to her in the sound of snapping branches and only grew louder at the horrified faces of the entire orphanage as they watched her stand. The orphanage doors slammed so hard in her face that the philosophies of Maleki were pressed into her very soul.

Early Adventures

At the relatively young age of 120 Rade began exploring the world on her own. Coin became a very precious commodity for her to the point she still considers it her best friend. She is very aware of her longer lifespan compared to other races and she uses that to her tactical advantage. Once she had accumulated enough coin from doing delivery jobs around Le'Or she armed herself with weapons and bandages, then went to the forest floor. For months she slowly chipped away at a lair of hobgoblins; pushing in as far as she safely could, selling whatever she found for better gear and bandages, then heading in even farther. The pendulum tactic eventually won out and earned her enough coin to do some proper monster hunting. The shops around Zvidureth became her bounty boards as she hunted for monster parts that would earn the most coin. When she couldn't kill her prey she would save up for better gear or research weaknesses and eventually get her payday.