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Serenydion is a wyrmling. He looks like this: Serenydion.jpg

As a Wyrmling


  • The ice elementals are invading the air elementals' plane.
  • Lizard-people eat humans all the time.
  • There's a small dragon behind you!
  • Ale!
  • That he must be on vigilant watch against the multitudes of dragons and giant butterflies.
  • Chickens deserve to be free.
  • Betrayal within the mind-flayers' army is just what the side of righteousness needed.
  • Wyrmlings are in fact miniature dragons.
  • "Hooray for not being stabbed to death!"
  • That he is the monarch of all dragon-kind
  • We must teach the chickens to fly.
  • All humanoids are humans
  • "The wing'ed ones day shall come again!"
  • The weakness of humans knows no bounds.
  • That he is the greatest ruler in all of the infinite planes.
  • Energy isn't blue.
  • There is a secret cabal of dragon-wizards attempting to take over the world.
  • "They're getting through! The line is broken! Retreat!"
  • They're all clearly undead minions attempting to prey upon the living.
  • That's where he passes out when drunk!
  • There're evil illithid-gargoyle-balor-mindflayers from the four-hundred and fifty-second level of the abyss sent to destroy all living life.
  • Always suspect the badger, you can see it in their beady little eyes.
  • You have no sense for the magnitude of this situation.
  • Magic bags are in fact enchanted with death magic by air elementals.
  • You'll never take him alive.
  • Glowy eyes do not help in comprehending form transmogrifications.
  • "They're in our head!! Get them out, get them out!"
  • The dragon-lich-wizard-demons are everywhere.
  • Got to make sure you don't go slay millions of innocent orphaned children of paupers who were themselves orphaned.
  • Wine!
  • Avariel sounds like illithid-demon-gargoyle propaganda.
  • You'd best not be one of them.
  • We're doomed!
  • If you don't reply to, "Are you not unevil in the negated sense, incorrect?" you're evil.
  • You might as well drop the facade of goodness.
  • They've infiltrated the ranks of Gorethar
  • The bushes over there! They could be spies for the enemy.
  • "Chicken friends! Help free me!"
  • We already know the butterflies were spies.
  • There're clearly at least two of us, and quite possibly five.
  • You've seen them too?!
  • There is no chance to defeat them unless everyone, independently, devises their own strategy that coincidentally corresponds with everyone else's independently developed strategy!

As not a Wyrmling


Serenydion sometimes has insane moments where he thinks he's not a wyrmling. These are thankfully fleeting.