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Xenith is quite an old centaur. He has had many experiences, good and bad, as he explored Avlis; but he is content.

The AKN has always been a big part of Xenith's life since he stumbled upon the Guild Hall early in his adventures. He has attained the rank of Master - an achievement of which he is proud. He has ambitions to achieve even more and is diligent in his pursuit of alchemical and herbal excellence. Even more so since he was made a Senior Partner of the HEAL shop in Elysia, where he can often be found either making things or sorting ingredients and counting stock. He looks forward to his regular run through the forests to Blandenberg where he makes sure that Betty, the shopkeeper at ANRA, has a good supply of HEAL's products to sell.

Xenith has been a member of the Shemathen Le'Yeritath for many years. As a devoted follower of Lord Skern he finds it difficult to understand politics and current affairs so it is unlikely he will ever become one of the leaders there, but he enjoys the company of his fellow nature lovers.

Xenith always enjoys his visits to Visimontium and loves scrambling in the mountains there. But perhaps his favourite thing in all the world is splashing about in water … be it the fountains of Mikona or the river running through the comfry patch in Ferrell. Xenith just loves to soak his hooves in cold water! His one regret in life is that there is no centaur wife to splash with him.