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Known Names: Five, The Blind Witch, The Blind Seer
  • Race: Adomkuro
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: appears to be middle-aged, or as time has not treated her well.
  • Deity: Unknown
  • Alignment: Batshit Crazy
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Residence: Unknown

Affiliations and Titles:
  • None Known

Research Interests

  • Divination
  • Illusion
  • Truth
  • Chronomancy

Her jet black hair is sometimes matted, sometimes shiny and clean. She always wears a pointed, floppy hat atop her head. The irises of her eyes are a dark charcoal black that contrasts with her pale skin. Blue veins map her skin, especially in the tender areas of her body. Sunken cheeks define the curves of her face and an empty, hollow expression rests comfortably upon her entire demeanor.

She is commonly seen wearing a robe of a deep purplish-maroon and gaudy cheap jewelry on her fingers and around her neck, usually with a motif centered around eyes or pentagons, though she also sometimes wears a black fancy dress, or a violet skirt with a skimpy vest. Bangles clank loudly around her wrists. She can be seen carrying around a single candle.

She doesn't seem to have much of a personality at all. Speaking in riddles, or rambling contradictions, no one really knows what she's talking about, although she seems to have a dangerous curiosity about most things. She claims to know when someone meets her and often times claims that everything she just said is a lie. She is prone to seemingly unwarrented and unpredictable fits of violent anger, throwing threats or sometimes just maliciously hurting someone.

Her origin is shrouded in mystery. Only recently has she been spotted in and around Verloghokbol. She sometimes ventures to the surface for short periods, but never stays for long.