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Changes by date

July 2011

Feature changes

  • Summon Planar Energy: damage & effects now vary with level, some other tweaks and improvements to coding


  • Crisis of Life

November 2010


  • Intellect Fortress
  • Banishment

July 2010

Feature changes

  • Ectoplasmic form: changed VFX to remove 'smoke trail'.
  • Banishment: Various tweaks; now can use to exit as well as enter the pocket plane dimension.

June 2009

Bug fixes

  • Prevent Disintegrate from killing creatures set to be immortal
  • Clone: Changed Accelerate to rounds not turns, when copying buffs from psion
  • Intellect Fortress: AoE fixed so it actually works as it's supposed to
  • Negate Psionics: Allow negating of looping powers- mol agit, photosyn, chem stim, death field and all harmful duration powers. In other words, you can now use a Rod of Negate Psionics to remove harmful psionic effects on yourself or friends.
  • Molecular Agitation: shouldn't work against incorporeal
  • Summon Planer Creature/Clone: Fix to the spell casting conversation, so the creature can cast its spells when ordered to.
  • Telekinetic weapon wielding: Fixed a bug where once the duration ends, the psion gets unpartied

Feature changes

  • Time Shift: added conversation menu which will allow the psion to look around and move while in Time Shift
  • Chameleon Power: Removed ghostly vfx and added stealth bonus hiding ability if PC remains stationary. This will allow you to use this power as an initial escape attempt. You blend into your surroundings with a stealth bonus dependent on psion level. As soon as you move, you lose the bonus, keeping only the regular +10 hide/ms normally given by the power.
  • Banishment: Rewritten to hopefully prevent PCs/NPCs from getting stuck in the pocket dimension. Also allows psions and targeted party members to enter the pocket dimension at will. You/they can then leave by going through the tear in the area.
  • Made a slight change in the feedback when manifesting a power.

July 2007

Bug fixes & Feature changes

  • Banishment: fix to prevent banished target getting trapped. Target will now be banished for 2 rounds mininum. The area has also been changed. One spot on the north end of the map has a transition to the start tent for a last resort escape when stuck, which can happen if the player logs out or crashes while banished.
  • Time Shift: add +4 AB for 1 round when Time Shift ends for tactical advantage as per PnP. You can use the Escape key to exit Time Shift before the duration ends. Fix bug for failing to cancel cutscene mode.
  • Cannibalize: changed to give 20 PSP
  • Mind Blast: Duration changed to 3d3 rounds.
  • Detonate: Changed to allow save to give half damage. Shrapnel damage depends on target being detonated. If creature, then damage scales to size of creature. If item, damage scales depending on weight of item. Doors and placeables are set at 5d10 damage. Shrapnel hits anything in 3 meter radius.
  • Telekinesis: Items in inventory can be targeted. The psion can then target another PC or a placeable to move the item to. If to a PC, this other PC must have turned on the option to accept Telekinesis offered items by using the emote menu under Grant Permission. If to a placeable (such as a chest), it must first be opened (which can be done with Telekinesis) and capable of holding an item. If the psion targets a weapon from inventory they can "animate" it, for an extra 30 PSP and will last for a short duration depending on psion level. While telekinetically wielding a weapon, the psion can't make any other attacks or use powers, else the weapon will fall. Another psion can attempt to take control of a TK wielded weapon.
  • Summon Planar Creature: When summoned, a conversation will pop up allowing the psion to make a skill check to try to keep the creature calm if it would normally have gone hostile. Failing this roll has no effect if the creature would have joined you anyway. Fixed a bug that could make nearby NPCs hostile if you attacked the summoned creature.
  • Clone: Delete all but equipped gear. Any active psionic buffs on the psion will be copied to the clone. Conversation will allow the psion to open the clone's inventory to give potions, scrolls, weapons, etc. Also an option for the clone to use psionic powers. If selected, then half the psion's PSP will be transferred to the clone. Any remaining PSP can be transferred back to the psion by disabling the option on the clone.
  • Receptacle: Standard quartz crystals can be conditioned using this power. These conditioned quartz crystals will allow a psion to transfer PSP to another psion. Avlis custom gems are now counted with an artificial value so they can store more PSP, though the amount is not as high for some gems as it was before.


  • You may find Power Stones and other psionic items while adventuring. The Psicraft check you make when first using a Power Stone is actually your Spellcraft skill, which we use in place of Psicraft for psions. The rest of the details I'll leave to FOIG. ;)

Psionic AI

  • The psionic NPC AI has been changed a bit, so you may notice some NPCs using additional powers or new tactics.


The following powers have a chance of bonus/backfire when rolling a 1 or 20, respectively:

  • Accelerate
  • Banishment
  • Cannibalize
  • Chameleon Power
  • Death Field
  • Detonate
  • Flesh Armor
  • Metamorphosis (backfire only)
  • Project Force
  • Psionic Residue
  • Psionic Vampirism (backfire only)
  • Telekinesis (backfire only)
  • Timeshift (backfire only)
  • Ultrablast

February 2006

  • The skill Concentration is no longer used to determine the succesful use of a Psionic Power.
  • Every 10 skillpoints of concentration will give a +1 bonus to the power check. Skillpoints gained by items are ignored in this calculation.
  • A failed power check will result in a loss of 50% of the PSP cost of the power, but if you make a succesfull concentration save (d20 vs Concentration/2 (again not counting items)) then you will only lose 25%.
  • Rolling a 20 (with the d20) on your powercheck results in an automatic failure.
  • The Psionic Power Disintegrate has been changed.
  • The Psionic Power Detonate has been changed.
  • The Psionic Power Time Shift has been changed.