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How to Start Playing Avlis: 3 Easy Steps

1) Download the necessary files. (This is a rar-file. Unrar it to your NWN directory)

2) Send a private message on the Avlis forum to PlasmaJohn, maxinion, Eklektikos and TripleAught stating your NWN multiplayer username and that you would like authentication validation. (Please read this thread for indepth information on the Alpha server and authentication). Once you receive a reply message, follow the instructions provided to validate your username. Validation page.

3) While waiting for your file download or a response to your validation request, read the rules summary, and familiarize yourself with the rules of Avlis. "I didn't know" won't save you if you do break a rule. Please be aware that the wiki rules section isn't necessarily fully up to date. Check the rules forum for the most complete and up to date collection of Avlis rules.

3.5) Once you have downloaded the files, validated and authenticated your username and read the rules, you are ready to play! Find an Avlis server under the PW Story category, and have fun! (It is recommended to start on Mikona or Elysia)

Further Reading and Help

Have a look at some of the guides and information on the wiki: Getting Started in Avlis and the Player Guide.

The Avlis forum has a wealth of information, as well as community interaction for you to take part in.

To chat with fellow Avlissians live, get onto IRC! How To Connect to IRC Chat.


When will I get a reply to my PM requesting validation from the validation admins?

The general response time can vary (and often seems to be lower, so don't take this as an average), but don't start worrying until 48 hours have passed.

I purchased NWN from, and the servers refuse me. What's going on?

If you have purchased NWN from, read this thread for help.

I have done all of the above, or my problem isn't mentioned on this page. Help?

If you have another problem, please seek help on the forums, or on IRC. Someone will be able to help you.