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Tiichi’di’wer’dekza what can be translated to Honor of the Legion in common language, has been held for the first time during the Fairy war by one of the first Justicar. This blade radiate order and glow with a blinding light at the second it leave the scabbard. A pure diamond sit on the pommel from which nine braid of leather are woved over the handle. On each of those braid, the tenets of Toran are scribed in the dracon language: Order Discipline Responsibility Loyalty Resolve Respect Foresight Humility Pragmatism

Over the years, the sword have been passed from Justicar to Justicar to fulfill Toran’s Plan. It was given to Vaeri’mrith’inik’tilsin before his departure to the eastern nation of M'Chek by his army commander and his elder who was the former possesor of Tiichi’di’wer’dekza. Even if not a Justicar yet himself, he was the one who shown to be the most promising of his family to ascend to the holy title.