Whirlwind Attack

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Systems and Tools

The Bioware Whirlwind Attack and Improved Whirlwind Attack are implemented on Avlis as follows:

Equip a melee weapon and type the ACP command /wwa to enable the feature.

  • Area of effect in the Avlis version is 10 ft (Medium) for Whirlwind Attack and 15 ft (Large) for Improved Whirlwind Attack.
  • Weapon Master and Confounder class levels are both added to the attack bonus.
  • These levels are also added to the Fortitude save DC vs. knockdown, for those affected by the attack. DC 20 for Whirlwind Attack, DC 30 for Improved Whirlwind Attack.
  • While Blinded, the attack has a 50% miss chance (unless your PC has Ultravision), -4 attack penalty (unless your PC has the Blind Fight feat). If your PC has neither benefit, their armor bonus decreases by 2 for the duration.