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Roe'Que Open Trade Enterprises is a company that trades of nearly all kinds of items, from herbs and roots to powerful potions and magic items. The company maintains stores in both Port Eridanus in Ferrell and Kharak Zvidurat in northern T'Nanshi. ROTE exists to promote free trade, to encourage crafting, to support young crafters, to maintain a fair price for crafted goods, to support its members in learning and gaining skills and knowledge.

ROTE T'Nanshi (HQ)

The T'Nanshi ROTE store, also known as Headquarters, is located in Dwarftrade across from the Kaleb Fulchair hall. Its merchants include:

  • Piwien, who purchases and sells almost any crafting reagent.
  • Lome, who sells a wide assortment of finished materials.

Three merchants also hire store space: a clothing merchant, an armor merchant and a shield merchant.


ROTE HQ contains a shrine to Dre'Ana (dedicated by Ariana Rain), and a shrine to Vorin.

ROTE Ferrell

The Ferrell ROTE store, also known as Ferrell Style, is located in Port Eridanus next to the AKN. Its merchants include:

  • Perabo, who purchases and sells a wide range of reagents and finished materials.
  • Rigo, who sells jewelry, magical items and tailored items.
  • Merigrin, who sells armor, weapons and ammunition.

Ferrell Style

Ferrell Style is an entertainment complex located on the second floor of Ferrell ROTE. It comprises two large entertainment areas, two drinks merchants, a study hall and various private entertainment centres. A a baths section is also located above the entertainment areas. Note that some areas of Ferrell Style are marked for club members only - membership passes may be arranged with the staff.


Ferrell ROTE contains a shrine to Forian (dedicated by Hortis Fey), in which is located the Shapeshift Infuser and a cleric of Forian who may convert others to his faith.



Senior partners

Davilia Chert (HQ manager)

Ferrell Senior Partners

AJ (Ferrell Manager)

Gurky Bogglewig


Senior partners

Camb Roe'Que (Founder)


Tessa Tangletoe

Elutian, AKA "Lute"

Frulamin Hawklight


Lance Goodman