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What is Avlis?

Avlis is a persistent world running on Neverwinter Nights 1.

  • Avlis has 9 servers, running smoothly on dedicated up-to-date machines!
  • It has a vast array of custom scripted systems and features! Examples are the crafting system, the custom classes, a custom spell system, custom races, and much, much more.
  • It has an active player base across several time zones, consisting of hundreds of players.
  • It has an active team, expanding upon the world, and DM'ing many events.
  • Our world is dynamic and alive! Players have achieved godhood, conquered towns, created guilds. You can do the same!

If you seek high fantasy with intense roleplay, where your character and the characters around you come to feel not just like a collection of stats and pixels but true living beings, then Avlis is the place for you.

Getting Started
  • Getting Started
    • How to register, get the required custom content files, connect to one of the servers, and start playing.
  • Player Guide
    • Useful start lore on Avlis, and general out of character rules.
  • Good to Know
    • This is stuff which was not covered in the Player Guide. Useful to know, not essential though.
  • List of Dungeons
    • List of well known dungeons, so you know where to venture safely.
  • NwN detailed online information
    • This information can be useful in character building, playing, and includes tools to make the game better.
Avlis Features
  • Systems and Tools
    • There are a lot of scripted custom systems in Avlis. Read here about them.
  • Classes
    • How to unlock certain prestige classes, the the custom classes on Avlis.
  • Guilds
    • Read about how guilds work, and which exist.
Avlis Contact
Player Stuff
  • Player Characters
    • Feel free to make your own page about your character, or read about other characters.
  • Player's Playground
    • Stuff that players gathered over time like Pictures, quotes and chats.