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Lucius D'Cythra
File:1114987180 fullres.jpg
Lucius D'Cythra
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Classes: Sorcerer
Guild affiliations: Lord of the Kurathene Fief of Cytheria
Most active on server: Kurathene

Height: 6'3", Black hair and dark, penatrating eyes.

Handsome, but not theateningly, Lucius is always seen with a strong, confident stride.

Decisive beyond his years and has a very persuasive way about him.

Major motivations:

Believes he is the descendent of the old Lords of the Cytherian Frontier. Is fanatical about obtaining the goal of reuniting the entire Frontier and bringing it and its people back to their former glory ... no matter what.

Despite this fanatisism, he is very controlled and vary charismatic. People in his presence generally feel confident and scared at the same time.

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