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Avlis uses an altered version of Barbarian Rage, and also includes a series of custom Barbarian Rage types that characters can learn in-game.

These changes are designed to make the ability more useful, and to give players a greater range of options to help customise their Barbarian PCs.

Changes to Standard Rage

On Avlis, standard Barbarian rage confers the following bonuses while active:

Barbarian Rage

Rage Bonus = 2 + ( Barbarian Level / 10 )

The Rage Bonus is added to: damage, AB, Will and Fortitude saves (supersedes flat Will save bonus), Strength and Constitution skills, temp HP/total character level

The Rage Bonus is subtracted from the PC's AC.

The Concentration and Discipline skills take 3 * Rage Bonus increase.

Duration is 18 + CON Modifier + BRS Rager Level * 2 + Rage Bonus. Minimum rage duration is 1 min 48 sec, if you are an Elf with 6 CON.

Note: The extra damage is counted as "Magical" damage by the engine, and as such will pass through Damage Resistance. Additionally, Rage can clear some negative physical status effects, such as Stat Drain.

Greater Rage

Barbarian Rage supersedes the automatic feat Greater Rage.

Mighty Rage

Adds +1 to the Rage Bonus from Barbarian Rage:

Rage Bonus = 2 + ( Barbarian Level /10 ) + 1

Mighty Rage is hooked in to the BRS system. Now it functions just like normal Barbarian Rage (with appropriately increased bonuses as per Barbarian Rage's Avlis implementation), at no penalty to AC.

Once taken, all normal rages behave like Mighty Rages too.

Terrifying Rage

DC on Terrifying Rage is 10 + 1/2 Barbarian Level + highest of CHA/CON/STR Modifiers + BRS Rager Level, in line with other class powers of this nature.

Barbarian Rage Specializations (BRS)

Avlis also has a series of custom rage types, which characters can learn in-game. Learning a custom Rage type replaces the effects of default Barbarian Rage with one of those listed below.

To learn one of the custom rage types, Barbarians can buy or find the appropriate consumable items. One of these consumables should be used just before the barbarian enters rage. If a raging Barbarian kills an enemy by landing the final blow, they will earn rage experience (rage XP). This process has to be repeated until the barbarian has earned 1000 rage XP, after which, the custom rage will automatically be used whenever the Barbarian rages.

The Barbarian continues to accrue rage xp every time they kill enemies while raging, as above. Enough rage XP will automatically cause their custom rage to "level up". All of the rage types are placed into "categories" equal to 1 + (rage level/3); the maximum category is 6. In addition rage duration increases by +1/5 rager levels (there is no rage level cap).

Your current rage level and rage XP total can be checked at any time by typing /check brs into the chat window in-game.

The available custom rage styles are explained below, along with the item that must be consumed to learn it (in brackets):

Wind (Dust of the Windwalker)
Increased movement speed/increased attacks per round in exchange for penalties to damage and Constitution. Bonuses and negatives advance once per category. The rager gains +10% movement speed and a penalty of -1 damage/-2 Constitution per category.
Fire (Oil of the Flamedancer)
Damage increase/damage shield in exchange for damage vulnerability. The rager gains a damage increase of 2x category fire damage, and a fire shield of 1d8 + 2x category damage, while suffering a penalty of 5% x category damage vulnerability to physical attack.
Water (Water of the Deep Well)
Concealment in exchange for attack miss percentage. The rager gains 10% concealment and suffers a 5% miss chance per category. Up to 60% concealment/30% miss chance at category 6.
Earth (Stonewall's Brew)
Damage immunity and temporary hitpoints in exchange for movement speed decrease and Dexterity penalty. The rager gains a 7% damage immunity to physical damage and suffers a 10% movement penalty and -2 Dexterity per category.
Blood (Vial of Anointed Blood)
Vampiric regen on the weapon in exchange for taking damage every round. The rager gains 3x category vampiric regen on their equipped weapon in exchange for 2x category damage per round while raging.
Demonkin (Tanar'ri Essence)
Rager gains Tanar'ri traits while raging. 1 + 6x category electrical resistance, 1 + 1.5x category fire, acid, cold resistance (rounds down), poison immunity. Rager suffers 15% divine damage vulnerability per category while raging.